Organizing Committee

Message from the mayor

Marc Bureau

On behalf of all Gatineau residents, I welcome the thousands of participants, sponsors and spectators who will be joining us for the 45th Gatineau International Midget Kiwanis Tournament.

Over the years, the matches and events associated with this tournament have become an integral part of Gatineau’s sports scene. The success of this great get-together is reflected in the impressive number of loyal and new players filling our arenas. We are happy to welcome to Gatineau hockey fans from around here, Quebec and every part of North America.

There will be some impressive teams facing off during this 45th edition, and many of you will turn out to support them and share exhilarating moments. Once again this year, Gatineau will host you in the festive atmosphere that makes this tournament such a memorable event.

I hope you enjoy the tournament.

Marc Bureau


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