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Hudson Travel Group Conference
Category Recipient
Champions Detroit Redhawks, Michigan
Finalists Toronto Young Nationals, Ontario
Best scorer Jared Katz, Detroit Redhawks, MI (7 goals, 4 assists)
Best goalie Jonathan Keating, Toronto Young Nationals, Ontario (average 1,36)
Most valuable player Jared Katz, Detroit Redhawks, MI
Most spectacular player A.J. Frasca, Dallas Stars, TX
Pepsi-Cola Conference
Category Recipient
Champions Miramichi Rivermen, N.-B.
Finalists Nepean Raiders, Ontario
Best scorer Mathieu Haché, Miramichi Rivermen (5 goals, 6 assists)
Best goalie Nick Martin, Gloucester Rangers (average 1,40)
Most valuable player Éric Mockler, Miramichi Rivermen, N.-B.
Most spectacular player Mathieu Haché, Miramichi Rivermen, N.-B.

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