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Hudson Travel Group Conference
Category Recipient
Champions York-Simcoe Express
Finalists Ottawa 67's
Best scorer Zack O'Brien, St. John's Fog Devils
Best goalie Jason Pucciareli of York-Simcoe Express
Most valuable player Brett Vickers, York-Simcoe Express
Most spectacular player Greg Jansz, Darthmouth Subways
Most discipline team Mannheim Jungadler, Germany
Pepsi-Cola Conference
Category Recipient
Champions Lasalle-Verdun Cobras
Finalists Outaouais Intrepide
Best scorer Shea Burton-Harbour and Kevin Walsh, Lasalle-Verdun Cobras
Best goalie Ryan Mulders, Nepean Raiders
Most valuable player Maxime Séguin, Eastern Ontario Cobras
Most spectacular player Darren Grenier, Outaouais Intrépide
Most discipline team Nation Cree Bears

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