For elimitation round games, the calendar is updated once a team can be determined. The time and location can also change to accomodate games where large crowds are expected.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012
# Cat. Visitor Team Home Team Time Arena
1 AA Ottawa Stings West Lake 2:00PM Guertin
2 AA Gloucester Rangers Sélects du Nord 3:45PM Guertin
3 AA East-Ontario Cobras Outaouais Intrépide 5:45PM Guertin
4 AAA Ottawa 67's Gatineau Intrépide 7:30PM Guertin
5 AAA Rothewsay Riverhawks Ontario-East Wild 9:30PM Guertin
Wednesday, January 4, 2012
# Cat. Visitor Team Home Team Time Arena
6 AA Gloucester Rangers St-John Phantoms 9:00AM Guertin
7 AAA Ottawa 67's Toronto Young Nats 10:45AM Guertin
8 AAA Miramichi Rivermen Kingston Frontenacs 12:30PM Guertin
9 AAA Cole Harbour Wolfpack Fredericton Canadians 2:15PM Guertin
10 AA Ottawa Stings Milles Iles Seigneurs 4:00PM Sabourin
11 AAA South Shore Mustangs Moncton Flyers 4:15PM Guertin
12 AAA Pictou County Weeks Western Kings 5:45PM Sabourin
13 AAA Sudbury Wolves Ontario Hockey Academy 6:00PM Guertin
14 AA Beauval Pheonix Nepean Raiders 7:30PM Sabourin
15 AA Rouyn-Noranda Citadelle Outaouais Intrépide 7:45PM Guertin
16 AAA St-Johns Pennecon Privateers Cornwall Thunder 9:30PM Guertin
17 AAA St-John's Maple Leafs Halifax Titans 9:30PM Sabourin
Thursday, January 5, 2012
# Cat. Visitor Team Home Team Time Arena
18 AA West Lake Milles Iles Seigneurs 8:30AM Sabourin
19 AA Sélects du Nord St-John Phantoms 8:30AM Guertin
20 AA Basse Laurentides Conquérants Nepean Raiders 10:00AM Cholette
21 AAA Kapuskasing Flyers South Central Coyotes 10:15AM Guertin
22 AA Rouyn-Noranda Citadelle East-Ontario Cobras 10:15AM Sabourin
23 AAA Toronto Young Nats St-John Vito's 12:00PM Cholette
24 AAA Ontario-East Wild St-Johns Pennecon Privateers 12:15PM Guertin
25 AAA South Shore Mustangs Rockland CIHA 12:15PM Sabourin
26 AAA Toronto Titans Moncton Flyers 1:45PM Cholette
27 AAA Charlottetown Islanders Sudbury Wolves 2:00PM Sabourin
28 AAA Ontario Hockey Academy Darmouth Major Midget 2:00PM Guertin
29 AAA Kingston Frontenacs St-John's Maple Leafs 3:30PM Cholette
30 AAA Miramichi Rivermen Halifax Titans 3:45PM Guertin
31 AAA Rothewsay Riverhawks Cornwall Thunder 3:45PM Sabourin
32 AA Beauval Pheonix Basse Laurentides Conquérants 5:30PM Cholette
33 AAA U16 Équipe Québec Western Kings 5:45PM Guertin
34 AAA Cole Harbour Wolfpack South Central Coyotes 5:45PM Sabourin
35 AAA Fredericton Canadians Kapuskasing Flyers 7:15PM Cholette
36 AAA St-John Vito's Gatineau Intrépide 7:30PM Guertin
37 AA West Lake
(3rd Group Davinci)
East-Ontario Cobras
(2nd White Swan)
7:30PM Sabourin
38 AA Rouyn-Noranda Citadelle
(3rd White Swan Group)
Ottawa Stings
(2nd Davanci Group)
9:15PM Cholette
39 AAA Vaughan Kings Pictou County Weeks 9:15PM Guertin
40 AAA Toronto Titans Rockland CIHA 9:30PM Sabourin
Friday, January 6, 2012
# Cat. Visitor Team Home Team Time Arena
41 AAA Ontario Hockey Academy Charlottetown Islanders 8:00AM Sabourin
42 AAA Kingston Frontenacs Halifax Titans 8:30AM Cholette
43 AAA Darmouth Major Midget Sudbury Wolves 8:30AM Guertin
44 AAA Ottawa 67's St-John Vito's 9:45AM Sabourin
45 AA Sélects du Nord
(3rd Scott / Kruger Group)
Nepean Raiders
(2nd Cashmere Group)
10:15AM Cholette
46 AAA Cornwall Thunder Ontario-East Wild 10:15AM Guertin
47 AAA Western Kings Vaughan Kings 11:30AM Sabourin
48 AAA U16 Équipe Québec Pictou County Weeks 12:00PM Guertin
49 AA Basse Laurentides Conquérants
(3rd Cashmere Group)
St-John Phantoms
(2nd Scott / Kruger)
12:15PM Cholette
50 AAA Cole Harbour Wolfpack Kapuskasing Flyers 1:30PM Sabourin
51 AAA South Central Coyotes Fredericton Canadians 2:00PM Guertin
52 AA West Lake
(Winner Game #37)
Beauval Pheonix
(1st Scott / Kruger Hroup)
3:00PM Cholette
53 AAA St-John's Maple Leafs Miramichi Rivermen 3:30PM Sabourin
54 AAA Moncton Flyers Rockland CIHA 3:45PM Guertin
55 AA Rouyn-Noranda Citadelle
(Winner Game #38)
Gloucester Rangers
(1st Cashmere Group)
5:00PM Cholette
56 AAA Toronto Titans South Shore Mustangs 7:00PM Cholette
57 AAA Rothewsay Riverhawks St-Johns Pennecon Privateers 6:30PM Sabourin
58 AA Sélects du Nord
(Winner Game #45)
Outaouais Intrépide
(1st White Swan Group)
5:45PM Guertin
59 AAA Toronto Young Nats Gatineau Intrépide 7:30PM Guertin
60 AAA Darmouth Major Midget Charlottetown Islanders 8:30PM Sabourin
61 AA Basse Laurentides Conquérants
(Winner Game #49)
Milles Iles Seigneurs
(1st Davanci Group)
9:00PM Cholette
62 AAA U16 Équipe Québec Vaughan Kings 9:15PM Guertin
Saturday, January 7, 2012
# Cat. Visitor Team Home Team Time Arena
63 AAA Kapuskasing Flyers
(2nd Best 2nd Kruger Division)
Moncton Flyers
(Best 2nd Kruger Division)
9:00AM Guertin
64 AAA St-John Vito's
(2nd Best 2nd Scott Paper Division)
Sudbury Wolves
(3rd Best 1st Kruger Division)
9:30AM Cholette
65 AAA Rothewsay Riverhawks
(3rd Best 2nd Scott Paper Division)
South Central Coyotes
(2nd Best 1st Kruger Division)
9:30AM Sabourin
66 AAA St-John's Maple Leafs
(3rd Best 2nd Kruger Division)
St-Johns Pennecon Privateers
(3rd Best 1st Scott Paper Division)
11:00AM Guertin
67 AAA Toronto Titans
(Best 2nd Scott Paper Division)
U16 Équipe Québec
(4th Best 1st Kruger Division)
11:30AM Sabourin
68 AAA Ontario Hockey Academy
(4th Best 2nd Kruger Division)
Vaughan Kings
(2nd Best 1st Scott Paper Division)
1:00PM Guertin
69 AA Beauval Pheonix
(Winner Partie #55)
Rouyn-Noranda Citadelle
(Winner Game #52)
1:30PM Sabourin
70 AAA Moncton Flyers
(Winner Game #63)
Gatineau Intrépide
(Best 1st Scott Paper Division)
3:30PM Guertin
71 AA Basse Laurentides Conquérants
(Winner Game #61)
Outaouais Intrépide
(Winner Game #58)
5:30PM Guertin
72 AAA Sudbury Wolves
(Winner Game #65)
South Central Coyotes
(Winner Game #64)
3:30PM Sabourin
73 AAA St-Johns Pennecon Privateers
(Winner Game #66)
Halifax Titans
(Best 1st Kruger Division)
7:30PM Guertin
74 AAA Vaughan Kings
(Winner Game #68)
U16 Équipe Québec
(Winner Game #67)
9:30PM Guertin
Sunday, January 8, 2012
# Cat. Visitor Team Home Team Time Arena
75 AAA South Central Coyotes
(Winner Game #72)
Gatineau Intrépide
(Winner Game #70)
9:00AM Guertin
76 AAA U16 Équipe Québec
(Winner Game #74)
Halifax Titans
(Winner Game #73)
11:00AM Guertin
77 AA Basse Laurentides Conquérants
(Winner Gagnant #71)
Beauval Pheonix
(Winner Gagnant #69)
1:00PM Guertin
78 AAA Halifax Titans
(Winner Gagnant #76)
South Central Coyotes
(Winner Gagnant #75)
4:00PM Guertin

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